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Three Places To Have A Balloon Garland

Balloon decor can have a profound impact on the look of any space during any event. If you're hosting a gathering in your home or yard, finding a local balloon company that can create a custom balloon arrangement is an idea to consider. Balloon companies can produce all sorts of designs. While arches are common, another option is a balloon garland — a grouping of balloons of various sizes and colors that has a flowy look. There are many different places where you can hang a custom balloon garland, including in these areas.


A popular place for a balloon garland is along a staircase. You'll want to measure the length of your staircase and share this detail with the balloon decor company so that it can produce a garland of an appropriate length. The company can then mount the balloon garland to the railing and/or balusters, which will give the staircase a festive appearance. If the staircase is close to the front door of your home, the balloon arrangement is one of the first things that your guests will see as they arrive.


A balloon garland can also work well along a fence. One option is to mount the balloons to a fence in your front yard, as this will create a welcoming look for your arriving guests as soon as your house comes into view. If you'll be spending the majority of the party in the backyard, consider having the balloon decoration appear in this area. It can work well along a pool fence at a pool party, for example. Think about what colors will work best. In the case of a pool party, you might want your creation to feature balloons in several different shades of blue. This will give the structure a water-like look that can work well near a pool.


If your gathering will primarily take place outdoors, and your home is equipped with a balcony on the second level, consider having the balloon garland mounted to this structure. It can run horizontally around the perimeter of the balcony or have one end affixed to the balcony and be positioned to flow down toward the ground. Depending on the layout of your yard, the balloon structure can be a colorful backdrop for group photos and other key moments of the party. Learn more about ordering a custom balloon garland by contacting a balloon decor company in your area.