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4 Design Renovations to Incorporate in a Bedroom

Your bedroom is your sanctuary. It is the place you go for rest and recovery, and the first and last thing you see when you wake up and go to bed. Without a doubt, the space should be a place you equally love to look at and be in. Learn about some of the renovation ideas you can incorporate into this room.

1. Install Mood Lighting

Be sure to add mood lighting to your new design. The bedroom is a functional space, so it is important to have lights installed that allow the space to be well-lit. Yet, there are times when you want to have lower light options in the bedroom, such as when you are reading at night or when you just want to relax in bed. In addition to recessed lights, consider adding wall sconces in the room to set the mood.

2. Upgrade to Hardwood

If you have carpet installed, during your renovation, consider updating the space with hardwood. Hardwood flooring is not only beautiful, but it can also make the room more comfortable. Carpet fibers are known for trapping allergens, which can lower the air quality in the room and trigger your allergies. If there is no room for hardwood in the budget, engineered wood is a great alternative.

3. Incorporate Zones

For a larger bedroom, incorporate zones into the space. For example, you can establish the area of the room for sleeping, but then you can have another section in the room for sitting. Whether you have a different type of flooring installed in that zone of the room or even a different wall color, creating a zone can feel like you have a room within a room.  

4. Choose Simple Finishes

One of the best things you can do during the design phase is to choose simple finishes. Choosing white, or another neutral color, for the walls or choosing light fixtures in standard black or brown finishes is best. If you start to play around with too many colors, when you decide you want to perform a simple revamp in the room, you will find it harder to do so as you will be stuck in a box. Neutral options give you the flexibility to change when you want to.

If you are ready to revamp your room, contact a home renovation interior designer who can help you incorporate these updates as well as any of the design ideas you have.