Understanding Interior Design

Types Of Wallpaper Products

Installing wallpaper in your home is a more cost-effective way of making your home look attractive and stylish than painting. If you get professional wallpaper services to do the installation, the wallpaper can last for years. If you're considering wallpaper installation, you need to know the various wallpaper products available to make an informed decision. Here are the different wallpaper products you should know.


Liquid wallpaper comprises cotton fiber and cellulose, which are non-toxic materials. This makes liquid wallpaper an eco-friendly choice. Additionally, liquid wallpapers provide both sound and heat insulation. The wallpaper is also easy to apply using a special pallet. When properly installed, the wallpaper facilitates the breathing of the walls, which helps control the amount of moisture in a room. Hence, liquid wallpaper is ideal for enclosed rooms such as bedrooms.

Additionally, liquid wallpaper products are easy to maintain. For instance, if the wallpaper is damaged, you can easily wash the old layer and add a new one, which dries within a short period. However, the application has to be accurate for a neat look.


Bamboo wallpaper products consist of natural bamboo wood, making the wallpaper environmentally friendly. Additionally, bamboo has natural antiseptic properties that prevent molds and bacteria from growing.

However, high moisture can affect the bamboo wallpaper, possibly resulting in peeling. Thus, the wallpaper isn't ideal for rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms. If you must use bamboo wallpaper in these rooms, you'll need to seal the wallpaper. Also, the wallpaper's sensitivity to water means you avoid cleaning the wallpaper with water. In this regard, professionals recommend cleaning by vacuuming and dusting.


Vinyl wallpaper consists of printed paper with a vinyl layer. Vinyl wallpaper is durable, easy to clean, and resistant to light and steam. Hence, they're ideal for use in bathrooms and kitchens.

Also, vinyl wallpaper offers versatility as it's available in various colors and designs that can mimic multiple construction materials such as wood and concrete. However, vinyl wallpaper doesn't allow the wall to breathe and isn't suitable for bedrooms and areas with poor ventilation.


Fiberglass wallpaper products consist of woven glass fibers bonded to create a sheet. Ideally, fiberglass is lightweight, making the wallpaper strong and resistant to fire and excess moisture. While purchasing fiberglass wallpapers may be costly, the investment is worthwhile since the wallpaper has a long lifespan if installed correctly.

The common wallpaper products include bamboo, fiberglass, vinyl, and liquid wallpaper. Consider these options when looking for the perfect wallpaper décor for your home.