Understanding Interior Design

What to Expect When You Hire an Interior Designer

Do you dream of having a home you cannot wait to come home to at the end of the day? Whether you live in a spacious home in the country or a small city apartment, hiring an interior designer will help you create a living space you love. Knowing what to expect when you hire a designer will help you understand the design process and how to achieve the best results as you work together with your designer.

Initial meeting

The initial meeting stage of interior design is vital to the success of your project. At your initial consultation meeting, your designer will ask you a lot of questions to get an accurate idea of your goals. The initial meeting gives you the opportunity to see if you feel comfortable with your designer before beginning the actual design process. Your interior designer will not rush this initial process. This part of the process will likely include in-person meetings, phone calls, and email correspondence. This stage allows you time to collect and share any inspiring or attractive design images you find with your designer.

Space planning and design

The planning stage is often the most exciting part of interior design for many people. Your designer may use design boards to try out various fabrics and color schemes to see which appeals most to you. Your designer will also analyze your home to see how you can best improve the space you have to work with to make it more efficient for your lifestyle.

Development stage

In the development stage, plans are finalized. Cost is discussed to make sure all expenses are workable and within your budget. Once you have agreed upon a cost, your supplies, materials, and accessories are ordered and purchased prior to entering the final stage of construction.

Construction stage

The construction stage is a busy stage where the actual remodeling process takes place. Your interior designer will work closely with you throughout this stage to make sure everything is exactly how you envisioned it to be before anything is finalized. You will be excited to watch all your plans come to life in your newly designed living space.

Hiring an interior designer is the first step to putting together a space that complements your style. Understanding what your role is, and what role your designer plays, will help you work together as a team to achieve a great outcome in the design of your home.