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3 Tips To Create A Perfectly-Rustic, Farmhouse-Styled Gallery Wall

From choosing the right paint colors and finding complementing furniture and rugs to hanging window treatments and wall décor, it is easy to see the challenges of decorating your home. Thankfully, adding style and personality to your home is easy with the installation of a gallery wall. Whether in your living room or up the walls of a staircase, a gallery wall adds enormous appeal to any part of your home. With these tips, you can create the perfectly-rustic gallery wall inspired by the popular farmhouse style of décor:


Your gallery wall should represent your family, so your family photos are essential for adding personality to the walls. There are many ways you can display these photos on your gallery wall.

To get started, gather any photos that you would like to frame. Place these photos in appropriately-sized frames with mats. You can choose frames in all one color pattern, such as all black frames with white matting or frames in a variety of wood tones.

You can also arrange family photos on a piece of string using clips. The string can be connected to hooks hung on each side of your gallery wall. Use decorative clips to attach a few photos across the string for a fun look.


Photos are usually the most common item found on a gallery wall, but creating a rustic look will require a mixture of photos and other pieces on the wall.

For a gallery wall that works with your farmhouse style, consider incorporating one or more of the following unique items:

  • Word artwork
  • Vintage letters
  • Vintage signs
  • Antique windows
  • Sections of old doors/fence panels
  • Old keys
  • Clocks
  • Boxwood, olive leaf, or cotton ball wreaths
  • Arrows
  • Galvanized wall pockets/planters
  • Pieces of barn wood
  • Rustic mirrors
  • Baskets

There is no right or wrong item to include in your gallery wall, but finding the best pieces for a great look may require some trial and error.

Trial and Error

Creating your gallery wall is actually a fun process, but you may need to play around with different layouts. Hanging each item on your wall before finalizing a look is not smart since you will need to create nail holes that are difficult to repair.

Play around with different layouts by using a large, empty table or open area of your floor. Place each framed photo and decorative piece in different parts, moving the pieces around until you find a layout that you love.

Once you have your desired look, use removable tape strips with hooks to hang each item on the wall. The removal hook strips can be removed from the wall without damaging the paint or drywall.

A perfectly-rustic, farmhouse-styled gallery wall is not difficult to create. With these tips and a bit of patience, the gallery wall will be a favorite decorative element of your home. Contact a picture framing company for more information and assistance.