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Five Ways To Prevent Your Hardwood Flooring From Becoming Damaged

Although hardwood flooring is durable and can last a long time when well-maintained, you still need to know how to prevent it from becoming damaged. As a homeowner, your main goal should be learning about effective ways to avoid damage, which are provided below.

Maintain the Humidity Levels

Depending on where you live, your home may not experience any humidity issues, or it may experience periods of extremely low humidity and excessively high humidity throughout the year. If you have one of these problems in your home, you should consider investing in a humidifier or dehumidifier, which will give you a quick and reliable solution to fixing humidity-related issues. Humidity levels change hardwood, but this change does not happen evenly, so it could lead to warped or buckled flooring.

Invest in a Furniture Dolly

When you buy new furniture or move the existing furniture around in your home, you want to avoid pushing, pulling, or sliding the furniture to get it in the perfect location. It is best to get a furniture dolly, which will allow you to pick up a piece of furniture and move it safely to your desired location.

Get Preventive Pest Control

Termites are a major household pest and can cause severe damage to a home. When these pests make it into your home, they are likely to spread throughout the entire building and eat anything with wood, which puts hardwood flooring at a huge risk of becoming damaged. Ideally, you should invest in preventive measures by having a pest control company treat the exterior of your home on a regular basis.

Use Tough Pads for Heavy Furniture

While it should be standard to use pads for all furniture, these pads may not be enough to protect your hardwood floors from heavy furniture such as beds, couches, armoires, or dressers. Alternatively, you can buy rug padding, which you can cut down to size to give substantial protection.

Install Tile Flooring at the Front and Back Door

Although hardwood flooring is quite sturdy, it is still susceptible to scratching and damage, especially from dirt particles that get tracked inside from within the tread of shoes. Since this can happen when you come home or go back inside from the backyard, you should install tile flooring at the front and back door. It will allow you to clean off your shoes or take them off before walking on the hardwood.

For more tips, talk with a place like Towne Interiors. Hardwood flooring is a beautiful type of flooring to have in any home, but it has to be maintained and homeowners need to know how to prevent it from becoming damaged. Fortunately, you can use some of the methods above to accomplish this goal and enjoy hardwood floors with confidence.